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Product Overview

Appendium® Portfolio is a software platform that facilitates the dynamic and optimal financing of portfolios across multiple legal entities. The modular design and our enterprise-level technology means that Appendium can be deployed within a variety of business and operating models; and can easily be adapted to meet evolving business requirements.

Appendium combines a wide range of trading and operational features to deliver a highly automated and sophisticated securities financing solution. All types of securities and cash driven securities borrowing/lending and repo transactions are supported; including cash, noncash, pooled cash collateral, agency and principal, benchmarked rates, open and term maturities, and all-in pricing.

Real-time interfaces with settlement systems, along with integrated billings management and automated mark-to-markets and rate resets, provide an unparalleled level of straight-through-processing and scalability. Integrated collateral and recalls management, combined with a unique counterparty default management mechanism, means that exposures can be monitored in real-time and necessary actions taken without delay.


Securities Financing and Collateral Mgmt

Appendium provides the ability to consolidate positional and transaction data and combines the key functionality required to achieve optimal portfolio financing in a single application.